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The Capitalist Newsletter – May 30, 2017




Once in awhile, it’s healthy to go back to the most basic thing you ever did to achieve success. In Guy Cohen’s case that is focusing on specific setups. Of course, these days he understands that the most powerful and consistent setups must include the OVI, so a combination of both is super powerful.

Guy uses flag patterns mainly because they help him define his entry and exit points. This puts him in control of a trade right from the outset. No matter what happens from then, he still retains control over that trade.

Have you ever made trades where you felt out of control because you entered without thinking about it properly? Hopefully you don’t make that mistake any more. In any case you need to watch this video to discover how you can find these setups in just a matter of seconds.

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Credit scores for U.S. consumers reached a record high this spring while the share of Americans deemed to be some of the riskiest borrowers hit a record low — a potential boon for lending and economic activity.

Consumers’ improving fortunes reflect falling unemployment and continued, if lackluster, economic growth. An added benefit: The passage of time since the recession and housing meltdown are helping household balance sheets.

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Nearly $4 billion has been wiped off of the value of bitcoin in the past four days after a correction that has seen the cryptocurrency’s price fall almost 19 percent from its recent record high.

On May 24, bitcoin hit an all-time high of $2.791.69. But on Monday, the digital currency was trading at an intra-day high of $2,267.73, marking a more than $520 drop or 18.7 percent decline since the record high, according to data from CoinDesk.

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Closing Bell

– Friday, May 26th

Markets Close Flat in in Quiet Pre-Holiday Session

Big Insider Trades

– The Children’s Place, Inc. (PLCE) COO Michael Scarpa Sells $4m

– Continental Resources, Inc. (CLR) CEO Harold Hamm Buys $1.5m

Winners & Losers

– Deckers Outdoor Corp. (DECK) Pops UP (18.81%) After Quarterly Report Shows Better than Expected Revenue and a Surprise Profit

– BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BCRX) Slumps DOWN (14.26%) After Momentum Falters Following Concern the Company Will Look to Pursue Secondary Offering

The TIP Sheets

– Friday, May 26th

– GameStop Corp. (GME) Ticks DOWN (5.93%) After Investors Change from Waiting for Nintendo Switch to All Eyes on iPhone 8. However, GameStop Saw a Surprise Earnings Beat. Expect Shares to Bounce Back UP

Unusual Volume

Nutanix, Inc. (NTNX) Shoots UP (11.50%) on 21m Shares Traded After Company Sees Huge Quarter with More and Bigger Clients Signing on for Hybrid Cloud Services. Expect Shares to Continue UP

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