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Iran Sanctions on U.S. to Put Damper on Peacemaking Efforts



In what’s seen as tit for tat, Iran has levied sanctions against 15 American companies as payback for sanctions President Trump has placed on companies said to be aligned with Iran’s ballistic-missile program. Iran says that the sanctioned companies support terrorism, repression, and Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. What’s next in the saga?

How Bad is the Growing Animosity Between Iran and the U.S.?

Iran vowed to respond to sanctions almost immediately after the country came under sanctions from Trump a month of ago. Iran was also one of the six countries targeted in Trump’s new travel ban. Now, with animosity growing between the two countries, regional peacemaking efforts are poised to take a hit, and the peace plan the Obama administration pushed forward is sure to falter as a result of the new sanctions.

The companies targeted by Iran are mainly American defense companies whom Iran says have helped Israel and helped cause regional instability, but also real estate company Re/Max Holdings, Inc. which Iran said had a role in Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories. Regardless of reasons given, the sanctions seem to just be payback for Trump’s sanctions a month ago.

In addition to the sanctions, Iran’s ministry has also said that it would consider branding the U.S. military, along with the CIA, as terrorist groups if Congress considers Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group.

Both Iran and the U.S. play important roles in the United Nations, and could draw other countries into an escalating situation as tensions continue to mount. President Trump, not one known for foreign policy or patience, is sure to respond in his traditional manner, most likely escalating the situation further.

Is war likely to follow?

Watch this video from USA Today as White House describes the sanctions on Iran:

Highly doubtful. While animosity grows, Iran would not actually attack the U.S., and while Trump may voice aggression, it’s highly unlikely that he would actually intentionally start a war. That being said, the situation is worth monitoring. And if troops have to be sent into the region, traders should invest in defense stocks.

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  • Dennis B Anderson says:

    When is the world going to acknowledge that they need to stop doing business with these rat bhazturds. We need sanctions stop feeding into these evil people that should have been wiped out centurys ago.
    They had oil and greedy morons went in and promiced them everything for it. They are fighting with the very weapons we and the rest of the world gave them. Now they are on the precipice of nuclear weapons threatening to take over the entire world with their evil religion in the name of Allah. Its crazy $cheieit on steroids and you did it to yourself they are now right in your face. No one is safe. It lends credence to the words GREEDY MORON!

  • pappy450 says:

    Time to pull ALL our “help” out of there, Pull ALL of our Military equipment and let the region get taken over and enslave all those people . Let them eat/drink OIL. We TAXPAYERS cannot afford to be the MONEY, the “peacekeepers” and the “babysitters” for the whole world. (especially for a people that don’t appreciate OUR sacrifices to save THEIR ASSES)
    Bring OUR servicemen/women back home and let the sand freaks kill one another. Put the Military on the Southern Border…. AMERICA FIRST!

  • CaptGene says:

    Why would those companies want to do business with a terrorist nation, indeed THE terrorist nation on the planet, in the first place? Iran is a godless nation based on the ravings of a murderous satanic pedophile. They do not want “peace” with anyone. They murder their own people in ways that would make despots like Hitler, Stalin and Mao proud; to name a few.

  • Kent2012 says:

    Once again we are shown a perfect reason to deploy some tactical nukes and then send a telegram (they are still around are they not ?) to the chinkees just in case they did not feel the vibrations…oh wait those slopes are neighbors of that other horse’s azz…juny….no offence to Real horses azzes…

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